Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wealden's Development Control South planning subcommittee email to protestors

There has been widespread public interest in the decision by Wealden's Development Control South planning subcommittee regarding an application for a bungalow for Royal Marine Joe Townsend, who was injured in Afghanistan. We would like to clarify the Council's position.

As a council we seek to support families who need to provide extended care facilities but the erection of a new bungalow out side of the development boundary would be intrusive and be in direct conflict with existing policies to restrain building in rural areas.

We have suggested an alternative which would involve building an annexe on to the existing dwelling belonging to a family member. Alternatively there is the possibility to convert an existing storage building at the rear of the existing dwelling to provide the required independent accommodation. The council has already indicated to the agent and family members that we are happy to discuss such a revised proposal.

Wealden District Council

I have seldom read a more insulting, bureaucrat piece dogma since Hitler declared a Reich for a thousand years. Do they not understand what they are saying? A hero can have whatever he wants as long as the Council dictate every brick in the building, where it will be built and by whom. It always remind me of the definition of a camel - a racehorse designed by a committee. Just about every intrusive method will be employed to insist that the family abide by ever dictate of the Council. Where were these heroes of Blair and Brown when this man was having his life endangered for their benefit? Sat in committee meeting upsetting every individual in the parishes, no doubt.

I have some history of trying to please a Council. I was deluded into accepting that Council workmen could do a proper job on a disabled veteran's wet room. The result was an insult to British tradesmen and eventually the head of the disabled section was wheel chaired into obscurity, but not before she had inflicted untold socialist misery through a PC council.

The shame is that both major political parties are identical, Conway, Mandelson, Hain, Alexander, Wintertons just to name a few. They may not be able to think for themselve but they can certainly fiddle the rules.