Friday, 2 January 2009

Blears facing the truth.

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White working class 'feels

ignored on immigration'

Ms Blears said that people must be allowed to speak their mind on the subject without fear of being branded racist.

Politicians must listen and respond to the concerns that some white people have about changes to their communities, she added.

Ms Blears said more candid discussion was needed to prevent myths about people from ethnic minorities "jumping the queue" for housing and services being allowed to circulate. Careful, she is already spinning from reality.

White working class 'feels ignored on immigration'

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This odious little self-publicist has jumped on the band-wagon of fact, terrified that the opponents of unrestricted immigration might just be getting heard-at last.
This popularist little bag has been one of this Governments supporters in chief. So when asked what are you going to do about falling pensions, ruined bank savings, escalating rail fares, massive increases in all service charges, I suppose you'll fall back on the trusted 'blame the Conservatives' policy?
Not only has she and her party been wrong about everything they have done for the past 12 years, but they brag about it.
Wake up Britain and kick them into the middin along with the Conservatives. Note carefully how she has, even in this snippet, attempted to blame the indigenous people for the policies of her regime.