Monday, 19 January 2009

Walter Mitty - alive and kicking

At a time when completely decent young people are risking their lives FOR US, there is a slithering of sewage that permeates through our society, whether they are corrupt journalist, politicians, so-called bailiffs, scammers or just humanoids unfit for fresh air. Thanks to Gunga Din we have discovered and help expose just such a worthless piece of garbage.

Three medals for not making the soccer team, two for masturbation, several for eating unfrozen ice-cream, the rest to impress the Blackpool Ex Services dance team.

Through the Gunga Din website you can read the most appalling lack of respect for a Nobel profession, that of soldering. It is bad that the Walter Mitty characters get the kudos of heroes, it is even worse that people believe them. It’s like applauding Gordon Brown when he abolished BOOM AND BUST then trying to defend the natural cycle of economics that is gently referred to as a downturn. No wonder Labour has been able to outlaw free speech with the tacit co-operation of the monsters in Blue – not to be mistake with the Blau Boekjes of the Afrikaner nation of Southern Afrika.

This little piece of dog dirt has so many pseudonyms that it is impossible to keep apace with them. Sit back and click through the world of make-believe in a thoroughly dangerous mind. The story would be hilarious except that he thinks he is this character. This is what happens when you put the NUTTERS in the community.