Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year debate

When Hazel Blears opens her mouth, everyone listens. You really have no choice. If you have never experienced her idea of communication then it is Hazel shouts, rants and burbles and you can’t get a word in edgeways, witness her last appearance on Question Time. What she has done though, is allow cynics like me to have my pennyworth.

Four years ago Blackpool Council, then a Labour shambles, put out a consultation document regarding housing. No matter how they answered challenges or clarification, that document clearly made out as if former service personnel would come after immigrants on the proposed housing list because of the points system proposed. To add insult to injury, Housing Associations in Blackpool were canvassing their tenants with a survey that was intrusive if not illegal. The categories included (a) Sexual Orientation (b) Religion (c) Ethnicity (d) Disability (e) Communication. I have recently received another circular which has every language under the sun except Klingon and Fanegalore – why should the non terrestrial aliens be left out?

I am not a supporter of the Human Rights Act as it was possibly unnecessary as the UK was already a signatory of the European Convention of Human Rights in the 1954 Agreement. But as it has been enacted the articles on Freedom of Family and Religion appear to make such a survey illegal. As it is, as I was never asked anything like these insidious questions when I joined the Royal Marines as a 16 year old, I feel morally indignant and refuse to take part in any such frivolous and costly nosey parkering. Had they asked the simple question, are you a legal resident? I would have forwarded them my service papers, my father’s navy records, my mother’s work document from her time in the aircraft factories, my grandfathers WW1 history of the Lancashire Fusiliers and the Highland Regiment, and my gt, gt, gt, gt, grandmothers record of being the only woman Marine to serve the navy – sorry, in the navy in battle. How damned insulting these people are!!! Why? Because they dare not ask an illegal immigrant such a basic question because it infringes with their Human Rights.

If I want to have a passionate night in with my latex mistress, that is no concern of Queen, god or the bloody Council or it’s surrogate emanations. What I want to know is that my neighbour is not planning to blow me to pieces, that their privileges do not exceed mine, that my family has to do without because monies is being sidelined for future swathes of immigration. My service was for my people, not those who have spent my entire working life trying to murder me and my own. Explaining this to those who have never served their country is like trying to discuss the virtues of good wine to an alcoholic.

One simple question to politicians. If the troops are fighting in Afghanistan to prevent the Britain becoming awash with Heroin, why are not the recipients of this insidious drug being charge with accessory to murder?