Thursday, 8 January 2009

Father-in-law accused of honour murder

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Murder suspect Kamikar Singh Dhillon is escorted into a Brampton police station last night. (Special to Sun Media)

A Mississauga man is facing first-degree murder charges in what sources say could be the "honour murder" of his daughter-in-law who was killed in a Malton grocery store on New Year's Day.

As part of the investigation police were looking into the possibility of the killing falling under the category of a "cultural honour murder" involving a Sikh family conflict.

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The suspect, head swathed in bandages after the brutality of local police, will plead political asylum and demand to be sent back to Blackburn, Lancashire.
His other plea is that he was only administering divorce Indian style. Police caught him as he was boarding a magic carpet near Toronto. They became suspicious when he said his name was Bull Shitting of the Never Sued tribe.