Sunday, 25 January 2009

Because your body can produce children...does that make you a parent?

+ Is three years old too young an age to get a child started on cigarettes? Or should the conscientious parent at least wait until the kid can form a coherent sentence? Kelly Marie Pocock was up in court last week for having allowed her toddler son to enjoy the occasional snout in his bedroom, but was commended for having attended parenting classes and got off with a suspended sentence. She is now going on another course to make herself “more mature”. I assume the course will involve having her brain sucked out through a straw and replaced with something more sentient, ie, Dairylea processed cheese triangles.

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Instead of sending this MOTHER off to classes, what is wrong with tying her knees together until she can comprehend the damage she will do? It will be in place for a very long time. If anyone tries to defend her actions, it will clearly indicate that the asylum gates have been left open.