Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Longshanks wasting police time

clipped from www.guardian.co.uk

Speaker rebukes Tory MP for

reigniting police raid row

The Speaker insisted an officer acted in good faith when he visited the parliamentary offices of Daniel Kawczynski as part of an investigation into a series of letters containing white powder sent to the Commons, and he said the Shrewsbury and Atcham MP should have checked his facts before "rushing to judgment" over the matter.

The Metropolitan police confirmed that an officer did visit Kawczynski's Westminster office, but insisted it was "by appointment" and the MP had agreed to hand over a letter allegedly matching the handwriting of those under investigation.

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The Conservative have gone from the Corrupt Party to the Idiot Party. Instead of gloating as the envelopes get opened in Labour Lords, the tallest man in the Commons makes a complete idiot of himself.
Was the bar open?
Which reminds me. After the optician put the headgear on me and asked if I could read the bottom line of his chart.
"Read it said I. I know him. It's the idiot of Shrewsbury."