Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Plusnet ref 141661835

Stephen Flanigan

Plusnet plc
The Balance
2 Penfold St
Sheffield S1 2GU

Your reference 141661835
15th January 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

As Plusnet refuse to understand that because of your, Plusnet's, actions by sending me an Email with the closing date of 15th January 2017and by issuing an invoice which wrongly recharged for a service where payments were made in advance and in full, their actions have placed us IN DISPUTE.

As from previous correspondence, the contract was due to terminate on 15th February 2017 and either through neglect or error, Plusnet changed this date. Plusnet then ignored legal obligations of rescission, variation or waiver. There has been no dialogue with me, just instructions that
I,as a Party to an established contract, has to submit to Plusnet's wrongful invoicing thus denying me any say in the due process of contract negotiation. When I pointed out salient fact via the media Plusnet uses, I.E. the Internet, that Plusnet had changed our contract by error, their error strewn offices then stated that the customer is wrong in law by suggesting such. They compounded their error by sending another invoice charging again for payments already paid on signing that contract. By double charging and altering the expiry date of the contract, against my wishes, Plusnet entered a legal minefield of their own making. Like so many overpowerful monoplies their only recourse will be to employ expensive legal sharks to terrorise clients into a submissive state. Well, it hasn't worked!

Plusnet's landline, telephone and internet services have all been closed by me so that Plusnet cannot make another error and send me another false invoice, pro forma or otherwise. Whether anyone would want to have a contract with an organisation that does not undertake to fulfil in whole with their obligations is mute. The redress available to the courts could to ask if Plusnet's action can be put aside and put the client back into a position which the client would have been in had they not misguidedly gone into the Contract. This is a matter for the Courts. The sorry episode could be managed amicably and simply if the Company did not treat the Client like a mindless idiot.

Plusnet uses Email which the customer cannot reply to. They use Mobile but withhold the reply number. They advertise that they are easily available, telling the Nation they have the best Support Network in the Country!  This does not stand up or is supported by facts. I cannot be an isolated incident if one reads the plethora of complaints made by so many discontented clients of this and all the other  Communications Media Companies.

Now they have sent me a text message saying

“Hi Steve. We want to make sure you're getting the best value from your Plusnet services. We've take a look at your account and think that you could save by signing up to a new deal. We will be giving you a call in the next few days to discuss. Opt out: portal.plus.net

Rotten service all round

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Inept Plusnet letter

Hello Stephen,

Account username:
Your Line Rental Saver contract will finish soon.

Your Line Rental Saver contract is due to expire on 15/02/2017. If you'd like to to continue saving money on your line rental after that date, you can renew at: www.plus.net/rentalsaver/

If you choose not to renew your Line Rental Saver contract, you'll start making monthly line rental payments on 15/02/2017.

Please note: you'll continue to pay for your call plan and any call features or chargeable calls on your monthly bill.

I paid for ALL services one year in advance.  On me telling this Yorkshire Company, a subsidiary of BT, that I will NOT be extending the contract, some bright spark emailed me with the cancellation of Contract a month ahead of schedule.  This is contrary to all aspects and construction of Contract Law.

Another reason for not recommending Plusnet to anyone! 

I gather from others that all Broadband providers are the same!  When I applied through other groups of companies, they all told me they supply to the Junction Box 170 meters from my front door.  This, according to all the experts, cannot be BROADBAND.  With 170 mts of copper, 60 plus telephone connections, it's small wonder my service keeps crashing. Not one Supplier would tell me the rate of degradation from Junction Box to computer.  So much for open information from the Internet suppliers...

Ukip Blackpool South

UKIP Blackpool AGM
View this email in your browser

Branch AGM on Tuesday 7 February 2017

7pm at Brun Grove Workingmen's Club, Brun Grove, Blackpool FY1 6PG
Dear Member

Following the resignation of the chairman and secretary last year the reins of the branch have been held by our interim chairman Paul White and our treasurer Paul Nield. With the tenure of all officials now beyond the grace period and expired a branch AGM is now overdue and, in accordance with Party Rule B.4.2.1, we are scheduling our AGM to fall between the beginning of January and the end of March along with most of the other branches in the UK.

The roles of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary are up for election and you are cordially invited to the AGM to meet the candidates and cast your vote or put yourselves forward for election

Two relevant rule reminders:

Firstly, if you wish to stand for election as an official:
B.3.6 Members of less than twelve months’ standing must be proposed and seconded by those who have been Party members for more than twelve months. The Party Chairman shall have the power to veto the election of any member of less than twelve months’ standing, within 21 calendar days of the AGM.

Secondly, if you wish to vote:
N.6.2 No new member shall be entitled to vote at any AGM, hustings or any branch, county or regional ballot until a period of 30 clear days has elapsed from the commencement of his or her membership (this rule only applies from 1st December 2014 to 1st May 2015); outside of these dates 6 months must have elapsed from the commencement of his or her membership.

The AGM will be chaired by the North West Regional Vice-Chairman, Ian Henderson.

See you there!

This arrived in my post bag. I therefore reserve the right to reproduce it on the Internet. I am not a member of Ukip, nor do I have any association with them, although we share a political ethos.  

Ukip supporters will not like this.  Blackpool South Ukip has been in turmoil ever since members tried to organise. It was one of the first to publish real minutes and true account for all members to see.  When the minutes and accounts were forwarded to Regional and Head offices, the reaction was devastating.  They were accused of stealing the logo, misappropriating subscriptions and other illegal activities.  Strange then that it allowed a barred Conservative former MP to join the party when ordinary concerned citizens followed their rules and the Rule makers Ruled Them OUT!

So if Paul Nuttal wants to achieve something as substantial as that achieved by Nigel Farage, he has to Drain the Swamp.  Then he has to correct his own historical reality and stop calling Irish.....Immigrants.  Until the 1923 Act we were all Brits living within the British Isles.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Great Broadband Rip-off

Why it pays to read Contracts.

The above is the Internet talk I had with Plusnet.  From previous postings you will see that I have a contract, fully paid in advance 11 months ago, that expires on 15 February 2017.
The Company asks for at least 14 days notice of end of Contract, otherwise they would assume that the contract would continue at a monthly rate.  To assist with their inept record keeping, I informed their Customer Service department, Joel, that I would not be renewing their Services at the end of this contract.

Contrary to my instructions, they have cancelled my contract 1 month prematurely and charged me with the privilege.  Not only that, they have given me 11 days to make full and final payment otherwise the heavies would be sent in.  With my experience of illegal bailiff actions, the last thing I am bothered about is the SS kicking in my door to extract a contestable £34 and a few coppers (sic).

Had I misread the original contract?  Well, that's a mistake I shall never repeat with the overpriced Internet Cabals.  I have had talks with TalkTalk about their advertised Broadband Fibre network.  They write it can be supplied, as I have recorded, but it only goes to the Junction Box 170 mts from my front door.  When I pointed out that Broadband Fibre can only be called such if it goes to your computer, they blustered and flustered and said take it...  I have left it.  After all, if it quacks like a Duck, waddles like a Duck, then it is a D...   Whatever the service is, it can't be Broadband Fibre if it is transmitted via copper wire.  That is ADSL, yet they all charge for Broadband.

Welcome to Rip-Off Britain.

I have a solution.

When the overpriced BT monopoly line activated Internet system is finally removed, I shall take my LapTop to my local Wifi Free cafe for breakfast.  It's surprising how much one can do over delicious plate of eggs, halal bacon and pork sausages with two cups of good black coffee. Then I will turn it off and get on with living a full life.

I shall be awaiting with interest to see if PlusNet employ the same Bailiff who murdered Andy Miller, the 79yo former Blackpool pub landlord.  I say that because I wonder why PlusNet does not just take their "dues" directly from my Bank?  Have you misplaced my account details, also, PlusNet?  Reads about the same as recent TalkTalk activity.  Remember the £400k fine they have just paid for lapse in personal security of clients details? No! Never mind, eh...