Monday, 20 April 2015

Last March past

The last time on Parade.

I wonder how many of these support Sgt Alexander Blackman, our hero in a political prison?

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hustings for Blackpool South

Hustings for Blackpool South

Debate & Hustings in Blackpool South

Labour, Conservative, Lib-Dems, Greens & Blackpool Supporters Trust

 I will be in hostile territory so 
Your support is needed

Host: Blackpool Supporters’ Trust
When: Tuesday 28 April at 6.30pm
Location: Number 1 Club, Bloomfield Road

Why should any candidate for a Westminster seat imply that they are going into hostile territory just because they will be facing their constituents?  I had a few drinks with a lad out of the Lancashire Regiment who has done several Tours of Duty into Afghanistan and he knows all about "hostile territory".  

I just love the way that prospective Westminster politicians abuse the English language.

For example. How often do you hear a politician talk about "Irish Immigrant Labour".  The phrase is meaningless unless you are completely ignorant of your history.  It is another Blairism to placate and calm the angst of the millions of immigrants he and his Party imported into overcrowded UK.  It is time that all English speaking politicians learned the difference between Immigrant and Migrant.

The one on the firing line ought to be that useless waste of £300.000 pa, Gordon Marsden.  Not only does he seldom reply to a constituent, but has watched in glorious silence from his home in Brighton as the Promenade disintegrated into a Death Trap, the rail network became Third World, the trams an overpriced chaos, and what little industry we had moved away.  

Blackpool is desperate for ReBirth. We need proper facilities for employment and the commencement of our once great industry, Holidays.  

We need at least one Olympic size swimming pool.  We need several venues where at least 15.000 delegates can meet and confer in comfort and safety.  Manchester has stolen Blackpool's thunder and the buffoons in Labour glory in the demise.  

Anyone supporting Labour ought to be severely challenged, as are the greens and Lib/Dems. Of the cons I can only ask why no-one mentions their corrupt and vile colleague, Julian Manure?