Thursday, 17 December 2015

The price of bad Governance

No newspaper reports can tell the whole horrors of war.  Whilst I sometimes sympathise with those Anti-War professionals, I do so only that I am against War but not anti-military. I wrote to every MP, thanks to email, with my concerns that the Gulf War was illegal. To which I received not a single reply.

I have read that over 500 known Syrian excursionist have returned to the safe haven of the UnUnited Kingdom and there is absolutely nothing the Government is doing about it. Second generation immigrants are out purchasing the tools with which to assassinate British subjects, and we are ordered not to raise our angst's in case we transgress the ill conceived Race Laws or worse Hate Laws.

If we have learned anything from the trials of Ulster it is that unless we defeat terrorism militarily, they will eventually rule in the Parliament that appeased their murderous intent.

Whomever opened the doors to mass immigration in this tiny set of island MUST be brought to task and exposed as the architects of the most vile capitulation of Culture and Ethnicity to a pseudo religion that wants to destroy our every existence.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Aussie voice against terrorism

The Aussies are descended from Britons who defied the Gobshite Ruling Elite, albeit over two centuries ago.  Today they retain their wonderfully resilient and defiant attitudes whilst defended THEIR inheritance.

One day the 56 indigenous million Brits may recall all the abuse history heaped upon us.  Do we need our pockets picked and our benefits; which my parents nor myself in my youth did not have an entitlement to: stand by as cowardly politicians give them over to every potential terrorist who sneaks into the country?  

The bias taught in the classrooms by the Socialist Indoctrinators defiling OUR history will eventually lead to more atrocities.  All the time, semi-literate Mullahs reinforce a brand of hatred that Westerners should not be subjected to, from Religious bastions where English is not the primary language. They sit in the heart of British cities, towns and Shires, immune from prosecution and defended by the Race Relations Industry. Compare that to any Briton who dares raise an eyebrow or a murmur of angst as the country overflows with immigrants for whom we have to provide with FREE housing, FREE education, FREE medical needs over and above those who have always subscribed into the system!

Let's get real and have the courage to look up at the reality of the devastation promised by the grotesque Ayatollahs!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The true face of Daesh


When this World use dead children to blackmail My World, to accommodate potential Daesh mass Murderers, it is time we take a look at those putting their children in danger for the sake of destroying Western Culture.

To all those who keep repeating the mantra that the REFUGEES share our desires, I ask only this!  What debased evidence do you gain that piece a Solomonic misinterpretation on?  
Out of an English Quran? 
Out of the Islamic enclaves of Brussels and Paris?  
Off the railway station in Madrid?  
Out of the rubble of 9/11?  
Wrapped round numerous bombs in Bali, running shoes in aircraft, the hold of a Russian holiday plane?  
Need I go on as I will forever keep 7/7 in reserve for all those who want to pervert me into an Islamist sympathiser?

It is all very sad!  I have great memories of Old Muslim friends, some more than accommodating and some more generous than their positions should have allowed.  What I do not see are the truly brave numbers as with former comrades in the RUC, who would put their own lives in danger to confront the collective terrorism of Nationalist IRA and Loyals paramilitaries.  It is a concept that the modern Labour Party and its awful leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will never appreciate.  If they want to rehabilitate themselves into Front Line Politics, let them take out a prosecution against THEIR former leaders who contributed through lies and false accounting, for part of this dire situation we now find oursleves in.

Well Done Tony Blair.

Campaign to keep the Auctioneer open

Auctioneer staff, Haloween/Blackpool South Shore
Who or why would anyone want to buy the Auctioneer? The locals would, but do not have the fiscal power to purchase and replicate the tremendous value they get. For Management, I.E. Wetherspoons to say that there are other establishments in town ignores the local voice, a promise that Tim Martin said he would never do. The fact is that those "Spooners" on the promenade are seldom visited in the height of winter by locals, as is the truism that once a customer base is lost it is rarely rekindled.

To date there are at least 1200(twelve hundred) regulars who have signed the off-line petition, which is easily verified if the Gazette would send a live reporter to confirm as that number is growing.

Where are the local councillors with their interest in enterprise and local business? Preparing to welcome potential mass murderers into accommodation they wont reserve for injured/wounded veterans fallen on hard times?  Come on Council! Get your fingers out and start representing your constituents, ALL YOUR CONSTITUENTS and not just the few who keep you in unwarranted expenses. It has been noted that the Council represented the constituents when Wetherspoon's refurbished the Auctioneer and accepted free pints, but now it means earning your spurs you have all apparently got busy elsewhere.

So much for Nobles oblige. Blackpool depends on holiday makers. To keep them happy we need to keep those in the industry happy. You do not achieve that by taking from them one of the very few places to eat and relax in.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

SNP finally defined

SNP get 100 new voters in Rothesay?

Mrs Seaweed puts Syrian Nationalisation Policy in place to prevent those on Bute from enjoying their tipples!

Awa tha' Lads - Oh! That's me Geordie Aunty, crying!

Spam from someone giving me a TAX REBATE. I don't think so...

The above email address is that to which you should send any dubious E-letters from Her Majesties Custom & Revenues.  The one below is from SPAM  to my private e-mail box.

Monday, 16 November 2015

50 Syrian Families for Rothesay

Cameron to fly 50 Syrian families directly into Miss Seaweed's realm of Rothesay. 

The local Defence Regiment will be reformed as the Argyll & Syrian Light Suicide Corps.  No Prods allowed.  Kafflicks and Non Kaffiris only.

So much for the race laws!  Or was that Alan Wells's 100mtrs Gold Medal?

The local George outlet reports an anticipated sell out of Burkhas and Bomber Jackets.  The Reverand Ian from Paisley says he'll welcome them all with the Scots emblem, the Thistle up th' kilts!

Let's cement the solidarity with Sgt Blackman after Bloody Friday

On the No5, just a few minutes ago, the Controller asked all Blackpool bus crews to observe One Minutes silence in Solidarity with our French neighbours.  I asked the lovely lady driver if she was going to inform the passengers and comply?  She replied with an incontrovertible "Yes".
Well done the Staff of Blackpool bus transport, the passengers and 'Viva La France'.  As you can tell I neither speak not read French, to my chagrin.  As I have close friends in Paris and know the lovely  people in a small cafe in the village of Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, I share a joined concern for my friends and their children.

You, we. are not safe, not because our soldiers can go to War, but because the mindless Liberal intelligentsia of Europe gave succour and refuge to the illiterate despots Mullahs and Imans that Arablands tried to evict.

I wonder, after his appalling gaffe, if Hamlets latest disastrous lead actor, will stand in solidarity with his two man audience as they sing out "La Marseillaise".  I just wonder if the murderers of the 132 people of Paris and the Grown Up World will thank this paragon of Virtues for his endorsement of Mass Immigration in light of the fact that at least one such victim is now known to be a mass murderer?

It is always amazing that those with no knowledge of the working of terrorism have the most to say AND do not listen to those who have kept them safe all these years.  If, as I anticipate, the apologists for insanity get their way, this fully expected onslaught will be wholly and irrefutably blamed on the citizens of Europe and America.  There are, or it could be argued but to be falsely made that Blair and Bush laid the foundations for this latest rift. Our civilisation and the increasingly retarded Islamist diaspora with all its vile predictablility for Humanity have been on a collision course ever since Oil became the Weapon of Wealth.  When the apologists get wise and look at what the future holds, the blood drenched knives of the Islamist executioners will definitely have theirs, yours and my name clearly engraved along the blades.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hot and Cold Sex

Hot and Cold Sex
After his exam the doctor asked the elderly man: "You appear to be in good health. Do you have any medical concerns you would like to ask me about?"
"In fact, I do," said the old man. "After I have sex with my wife, I am usually cold and chilly, and then, after I have sex with her the second time, I am usually hot and sweaty."
Later, after examining the man's elderly wife, the doctor said:
"Everything appears to be fine. Do you have any medical concerns that you would like to discuss with me?"
She replied that she had no questions or concerns.
The doctor then said to her: "Your husband had an unusual concern.
He claims that he is usually cold and chilly after having sex with you the first time, and then hot and sweaty after the second time
Do you know why?"
"Oh that crazy old fart," she replied. "That's because the first time is usually in July and the second time is in January."

The Evil with us

I do not understand nor can I comprehend the turmoil within the immediate family of young murder victim Beckie Watts.  What it does for me is to reinforce my view that the majority of heinous crime does and will persist to happen very close to the family unit.  There is something within the human Psyche that makes some act in an horrendous fashion towards those they purport to love, to ingratiate themselves with with those they despise.  I am not a psychologist but have witnessed enough to know that the last people to ask to explain would be an expert.

Becky Watts killer Shauna Hoare, a twin sole to Rosemary West, has been found guilty of manslaughter within a few short hours of the Jury going out to deliberate.  I understand the definition for murder, cringe at the legal professions arrogance over the US system which has numerous categories of murder but are satisfied that any human could participate in the callous aftermath of such an evil deed and not have to face the full sanction of righteous indignation.  When the victim's father says the only true justice for his daughter would be the death of the perpetrators, his step-son and his mistress, who am I to contradict?

Although there are many academics who cannot see the connection, we, the UK, have been subjected to a continuous assault on everything we stand for.  They cannot see how difficult for us to protect our own children, in a system that has evolved for the better over two thousand years, their romance with the incursion of an alien culture, that wants to destroy us, has resulted with a head in the sand attitude towards mass immigration. The trained academic brains think that the savagery and butchery of the disturbed mind exists only within the cultured pages of Shakespeare and the classic Greek writings. The tragedy of Bekkie Watts and Lee Rigby are just for the pages of a novel and the screens of a TV drama?  For everyone else it is the reality of day to day life.