Monday, 5 January 2009

Another brave Digger killed in Afghanistan

Taliban rocket attack kills

Digger in Afghanistan

ANOTHER Australian soldier has been killed in Afghanistan after a rocket exploded in a defence compound.
He is the eighth Australian soldier to die in the conflict zone.
"At this stage I am unable to share any of the soldier's personal details. In time I want every Australian to know this fine soldier's name. However, until such time as we are able we are not releasing his name.

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Contrary to this report, this in the ninth Aussie killed in action in Afghanistan.
When we think of this brave nation, we have to remember that they are our kin, our family, not Greeks, Latvian, Vietnamese, Russian or Chinese. Apart from the Aboriginals, the first settlers were British. They have altered the language to Strein, bastardised the humour with wonderfully free effect, argued over the Queen as Head of State; but they still remain our cousins, uncles, aunts and family.
Bless you all.
Our thoughts to the families and friends of those fighting for our way of life.