Wednesday, 7 January 2009

MI5 talking nonesense

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Terror Trials 'Reduce

Threat to UK'

The terrorist threat against Britain has reduced following a series of high-profile successes by the security services, the head of MI5 has said.
But, in rare public comments on the centenary of MI5's establishment, Mr Evans cautioned that al-Qaida is still determined to carry out major attacks in the UK and has the capacity to do so.

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Read the headlines and slap yourself on the back. Read on and slap yourself round the face. On a day when Liberal leader Caution Clegg proved he can be counted on to shag you rather than protect you, meaningless releases like this should be exposed for the gobbledegook it is, rather than an intelligent message.
The only way to deal with Muslim extremism is to send the lot back to the third world to the Sharia Laws they want for this nation. Also, all those Christian clerics who believe that 5th century laws have any relevance in a modern world. Bye Bye Charlie, Bish of Canterbury...