Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Blackpool's failing schools - under Labour

Blackpool is producing a generation of young people wholly ill-equipped for the future.  The demise comes from a Labour enforced education system fostered by a Brighton living MP, Gordon Marsden --Labour Blackpool South- and a local Labour Group led by Blackburn man Simon Blackburn.  You couldn’t write this as a comedy script. Simon Blackburn has been shown to be incapable of organising a piss up in a brewery, as if he knows where the local mini-breweries are?
There is no need to review the report on Blackpool’s poor education prospects.  I drink a pint or two every week with thoroughly decent Labour supporters, a thoroughly decent family.  What is annoying is their collective lack of Worldly conceptions, their lack of historical and contemporary reality. 
What is it about Labour supporters who paint everything RED without seeing that the messages and philosophies of Engels and Marx have been so proven to be so disastrous?  They are now, in their minds, enshrined as successes?  Every Communist dynasty has been a disaster for the ordinary man/and woman.  It is like trying to convince me that man can walk on water, or greater still, rise from the dead.  When you ask for definitive evidence, they grab for the Holy Grail from the library of fables and start recanting mythology and mysteries from that epoch that produced Homer and Socrates.  Where is the scrutiny, the investigation, the dissection and the reasoning?  It is in the mythology of a system that produces local leaders like Simon Blackburn and worse, on a national level, Ed Miliband.
Blackpool could be said to be in the epicentre of Lancashire.  It arose from nowhere 150 years ago.  It was then a small place at the end of a railway line, with long sandy beaches and entrepreneurs willing and able to enrich the drab lives of the mill workers and miners at the other end of that steel track.  The Tower was said to be built on bales of wool, but has that metaphor been explained to the children of Blackpool today?  No! Nor have the wonderful Lancashire Poets had their odes been made available to the new breed because the stark, dour existence of our forefathers, laid out in simple verse in a dialect full of emotion and history, would embarrass the illiterate, foul mouthed products of our failing educational establishments of today.
There is no need to read the report on Blackpool’s failing schools.  All anyone with an IQ greater than an amoeba needs do is talk to the thirteen and fourteen year olds. The consequence of this failed experiment is illustrated by a lovely young lady whose generous nature clouds her limited knowledge.
I have this young friend who is going to Zambia to teach the locals about sexual transmitted diseases and the prevention there of.  Her concept and awareness of where she is going and to whom she will teach is zero.  For once I just listened to her and bowed to her desire to do good over my experiences in that very same region.  Back 30 plus years ago there were precisely the same problems.  The difference is that when we tried to counter the scourge of Syphilis and Gonorrhoea I was helping a dedicated team of young doctors who knew the area intimately as it was their homeland, the Afrikaner.  Many spoke the dialects and many were genuinely humanitarian.  What may surprise the wonderful geniuses of Labour’s hate regimes is that many of those young doctors had come from impoverished backgrounds, their education paid for by parents who worked long and arduous hours and years, to raise their children out of their misery of poverty.  Sorry, the truth is often so unpalatable to those with fixed and often erroneous views of matters they are ignorant.  It must be remembered that it was immediately before the explosion of the Aids epidemic into which my super young friend with embark.  She is completely ill equipped but who am I to prevent her from fulfilling her wishes?

The question has to be why is Blackpool’s education system failing?  Swallowed hard!  One reason is the system itself.  Education is supposed to set out a challenge to make young people make the right choices for them.  As we witness around the country, too many children are let down by the system because they are, now wait for it, children and not mature enough to make decisions for themself.  It makes no difference what experts say, children are children and some mature earlier than others.  That is not to say we have to follow the Liberal line and accept that thirteen and fourteen year olds are mature enough to face the hard reality of adulthood.  In this country today, too many adults are not capable or mature enough to cope with the harrowing truth that it is for themselves to create a future, not some Communist inclined bureaucrat absolved from responsibility by collective ignorance.  It is the abrogation of responsibility, the choking of open debate, the stifling of criticism that allows children to be grossly and heinously violated by adults.

Experience is so illuminating in parental participation.  Those young Boerkje doctors, from poor and deprived backgrounds, went to school with a different ethos than those in Blackpool. They often trekked to school early in the morning, before breakfast, and spent several hours on sports field or swimming pools.  I have seen this in the middle of desolate Australia, something that Labour/Conservatives cannot produce except in a small handful of selective establishments.

One only has to look at the average South African/Australian/New Zealand child and compare them to ours.  What their parents, in conjunction with the schools, provided them with is an outlet.  For the non-academic, the rugby grounds around the world have provided a decent livelihood for thousands of less scholarly capable.  It is the role that the New World parent provides by ensuring that their children fulfil a full and complete period within an environment that is ready for that period of juvenile rebellion which British parents, those who think their children are the responsibility of the State and not theirs, turn their back