Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Body parts found in house in Bristol.

With the harrowing news that a dismembered body has been discovered in a Bristol house, it is time to remind the World that we ALL owe a Duty of Care to look after OUR young and vulnerable.

There is a long history of heinous crimes against children and the perpetrators are evil irrespective of race, creed or culture.  Any attacks I make on religious groups is against this knowledge that some hide behind poorly written law to defend their evil crimes to the detriment of the victims.  Here it must be reminded, that the families are also victims, if, in the case of Mick Philpotts, also the perpetrators.

Just because a perpetrator has wealth does not, should not give it immunity from inquest or investigation.  Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith are but two who have manipulated the system to their gain whereas the whistleblowers have been vilified and ofter criminalised for telling the truth.

Even at this late minute, I sincerely hope that Bekkie Webb is found alive, well or otherwise.  It is impossible to put oneself in the parents shoes and the hope is that all evil be removed by curtailing insidious legislation that attacks well wishers whilst protecting the manipulating perpetrators.