Monday, 30 March 2015

Britain destroyed whilst MP's fiddled

I tried to do something by standing against those who have both destroyed my home town and the prospects of the future by bankrupting the Nation.  I would have helped against this existing evil but am surplus to requirements.

One of those Parties, Labour, is, according to a high profile enquiry. accomplice to all the evils of Child Sexual Exploitation.

The other, Conservatives, prevaricated and completely lost touch with the ordinary Britons.  Both resided over the most evil exploitation and generosity of the British character. This ease of nature will eventually result in these island becoming a wasteland identical to the Balkans and most of Arab East Asia. The ravages have already begun with thousands of recent immigrants, many too young to form a rational appreciation of what they have been given via lax immigration, training in a War Zone for insurrection on these shores.  They today lay their prayer mats at the feet of mad and semi-literate religious bigots.

If the state of the economy is not enough to disenfranchise all the leading political parties from Office, the neglect to Defend the Realm by them is sufficient for most former fighting Britons to lean towards an emerging entity for succour. It is for the people to decide.  The fear is that separation now is endemic amongst too many for there to be anything but encroaching anarchy.