Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hidden Reports concealed by past Prime Ministers

As we approach a new General Election, the shame is that all the bile directed at the electorate should be so misdirected away from those who have obscured, deleted, hidden and sidestepped every issue that ought to have been before THE PEOPLE. These matters are too numerous to mention but today I will concentrate on two.

The Manchester Evening News is one of the few beacons of heroism within the media of Newsprint now readable in the UK. Why do I say that?  Because Manchester is in the centre of this Labour led design to deBritonise these islands and make us an unworkable multicultural Hell Hole.  Their brave stance is magnified with this reveal that Maggie Thatcher may have prevented the publication of the offences of Cyril Smith.  What was so much of National Importance to conceal from the People the villany of those who behave contrary to GOOD?

Many year ago I, along with hundreds of other British Royal Naval personnel, lined the flightdeck of a carrier as we entered a Far Eastern port. There, waving us in were two enormous cranes with the names of a leading British - recently closed - dockyard emblazoned across them.  One of MY SUPERIORS said, "there we are lads, exporting British trade,". To which I replied, Exporting British JOBS.  Needless to say the Kak hit the fan and I was charged, subsequently dropped, under section 6 of the Navy Act, "conduct contrary to good discipline and behaviour.."  That Officer went on to be a Conservative MP and lasted long enough to make himself comfortable.

Even today we are being dictated to over what we should endure. On this morning The Big Question there is no debate, no parity and very little debate.  What is has done is reinforced sixty years of witness and strengthened my impression that in the very near future these Islands will explode when the indigenous people say enough is enough.  That time will be too late and my people will be slaughtered wholesale by the sons and daughters of Islam who give little thought to their mindless indoctrinations as only today the headlines reads  "A female suicide bomber kills 50.."

When we have Free Speech it must be Free Speech.  If politicians are accused of heinous activity and the police do not impartially investigate, there has to be a superior body where the victims can go for redress.  We were taught that that place was Parliament.  Unfortunately those people inside that establishment have been found wanting. What were/are they wanting?  They are wanting to be kicked a million miles away from the centre of the universe into cold cells with clanking chains, no TV and no frilly perks.

All my life we have voted for people who do not deserve a nod let alone a Cross on a valuable sheet of expression.  Yes, there ought to be recall.  Not on the MP's sayso, but at the angst of the PEOPLE.

Already the immigrant population has muted mine and your voice.  Look at all the Labour MPs and question how some can genuflect to two masters.  When I saw a Muslim MP, and even Prime Minister Cameron, saying that soon there will be a Muslim Prime Minister I realised we are rapidly approaching the place where the country is doomed.  So this is why, as the truth is revealed, consecutive Governments have run down the strengths of the Armed Forces and Civil Police?  So that we cannot Defend Ourselves?  The answer is too obvious.

No Freedom of Speech?   No Right of Self Defence?  That is all the Liberal Democrat/Labour/Conservative conspiracy can offer. Oh! Under an immigrant Ayatollah.