Sunday, 1 March 2015

Jihadi John's friend cannot be deported from Britain

 British Law is now soft in the head.  This article, taken from the Daily Telegraph, makes one want to weep.  Rockall is empty.  Fill it with the Jihadi Johns and all their fellow conspirators.

An al-Qaeda terrorism suspect closely connected to “Jihadi John” is living in London, having used the Human Rights Act to prevent the Government from deporting him. 
Court papers obtained by The Telegraph disclose that the man is at the centre of a terror network that included his friend and associate Mohammed Emwazi, who last week was unmasked as “Jihadi John”.
The legal documents show how the suspect, originally from Ethiopia, has resisted deportation despite being a leading member of al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda affiliate based in Somalia and responsible for a series of terrorist atrocities. 
The man, who can, for legal reasons, be identified only as J1, has close links not only to Emwazi but also to a number of other jihadists, including one of the July 21 plotters, who tried to blow up the London Underground in 2005, and two al-Qaeda terrorists subsequently killed in US drone attacks in Somalia.

“TPIMs have been endorsed by the courts, counter-terrorism reviewers, the police, and the Security Service. Following a review of the powers available to manage the terrorist threat, the range of measures available under the TPIM Act is being extended, including a measure to allow TPIM subjects to be relocated to different parts of the country.”