Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pressure Group suggests we swamp England with 29,000 Syrians

Britain has offered a home to just 143 Syrian refugees -- but we have a simple idea that could change everything. Let’s volunteer to show the Government that this country cares by calling on each local council to commit to resettling 50 refugees, forcing politicians to reconsider their closed-door policy to Syrian refugees.

There are 433 principal authorities in the UK: 27 county councils, 55 unitary authorities, 32 London boroughs, 36 Metropolitan boroughs, 201 districts = 578 boroughs.  That equates to about 29,000 Syrian immigrants and that this a stupid policy which they want to drop on the beleaguered, overstretched councils in England.  

It is time that these so-called Pressure Groups got real.  We already have too many homeless former servicemen and very little action on their behalf.  Sort out our internal problems and that includes being straight about the estimates 600 - 6000 Muslims going to Syria to join the conflagration.  That harrowing and appealing picture of the child is chilling and I will do what is needed to assist.  Fetching 29000 alien people into this country, teetering as we are towards civil strife, could tip us into irreversible carnage.