Saturday, 11 April 2015

Gordon Marsden's record on replying to constituents letters

  • In 2014 your MP was Gordon Marsden, Labour MP for Blackpool South
  • Gordon Marsden is ranked at 579 out of 653 MPs for responsiveness
  • That rates this MP’s responsiveness as low

 The above statistic is taken from MySociety internet.   Working for the poor, deprived former service personnel in the Area of Blackpool,  experience says that Gordon Marsden's responses to the hundreds of emails sent to him came via automatic response.  That is to say he did nothing more than collect a health expenses claim for a computer to automatically respond for him.  On the few occasions he had left his HOME in Brighton to go to his writing desk. apparently very seldom, he seems to have lost the ability to use his quill and ink.

What was most illuminating was that Gordon Marsden would not intervene or even respond in the non-investigation by the Authorities into the Corporate Murder of former Half Way House landlord, Andy Miller.  To add spice to the debate as to the efficacy of Labour Blackpool South and Labour in North West England in general, the Accrington MP Graham Jones said that the evidence provided was beyond his ability to understand and he did not comprehend how he could help as he was not legally trained.  Well maybe not, but as a man who is empowered by the electorate to make and decide on the construction of Law, that statement was as crass as any ever uttered by any MP.

 It is of no wonder that those involved in the vile practises of Child Sexual Exploitation have got away with their crimes, under LABOUR, for so long.  Sadly, the Conservatives are tarred with the same brush, so who does one vote for as we go to in the next election?