Monday, 27 April 2015


“I am extremely concerned about the widening gulf that exists between the management of the club and the supporters,” says Blackpool’s Labour MP Gordon Marsden about his town’s troubled football club.
Fans of the relegated Championship side are desperate to see the back of the Oyston family who own the club and with a tight election looming, Marsden has championed their cause.

Though Marsden was not so concerned late last year. In fact, he was so close to the Oyston family he popped round to their home for Christmas drinks.

Marsden and Oyston?  What a collaboration that conjures in the minds of the cynical.  I remember a friend having legal trouble with one, thirty years ago.  I know that the Blackpool public has been short changed by the other for the past two decades.

I know that a former Blackpool Councillor was known as a thief and the whole of the Council  ought to have been informed that that Councillor had stolen many thousands of pounds from the Blackpool Cabbies Charity .  It is sad for the community that it took a serious case of Child Sexual Exploitation to get this parasite out of council offices when the whole of the council's elected membership was in possession of emails telling of his infamy.

Why, when we know these people are unfit for office, do we allow a system that penalises those who expose the malfeasance rather than the recidivist who should be automatically barred?