Thursday, 9 April 2015

As we tiptoe towards disaster... CSE forgotten because...

Last evening I watched BBC’s This World programme, British Jihadi Brides. I am presently reviewing it on BBC iPlayer.  From the offset I am offended by the language and the fact that I will be classed as a race hater if I dare comment, so here goes.

I can never, will never accept these children of immigrants as British.  For me, being British means a whole lot of things that is within my unique genealogy.  It does not mean because I was born here I am British.  That never takes into account the thousands upon thousands of REAL Britons born overseas because their parents were doing a DUTY for the Crown. Get that right and I might, only might, be convinced of the argument, definitely not the interpretation.

In the past thirty years many, mainly Labour, but lots of industrialist and other self interest groups encouraged  a massive inflow of foreigners, unseen in this country’s history since the Romans. Note well, I deliberately ignore the Norman Conquests because England, at that time, held a floating border in France. Had Harold been given a few months grace, he may have invaded Normandy to claim his part of the throne from the dynasty there, but that is supposition and an academic exercise in What If?

What is not up for debate is that my laws are being usurped by a Parliament with no courage and with no concept of what is, but more frighteningly, what is coming.  This programme examined many factors that we ‘RACIST’ Britons have been trying to expose for generations.  It is galling that ten/fifteen year ago, had any English family asked the Media to examine CSE with the same enthusiasm as this programme, it would never have been made.

Many of the families - of the Jihadi Brides -  have said they were totally unaware of the radicalisation of their daughters. Yet there is ample evidence that at least one family’s head took his daughter along to anti-British demonstrations. That is hardly touched on by media outside of the Internet.  Footage in the Daily Mail is said to be showing the father of one of the three schoolgirl 'jihadi brides' at the head of an Islamist rally led by hate preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Michael Adebowale, the killer of soldier Lee Rigby.   

This subterfuge and deceit by Abase Hussen - the beleaguered father - led the British Police to apologise instead of arresting the odious father for corrupting a minor.  Just about everything Abase Hussen and his family stand for completely contravenes or challenges every aspect of the Laws and Society that has evolved in the British Isles through thousands of years.  His religion, his lack of appreciation of British Law, his completely illogical attack of Western values whilst casting responsibility onto the very organisation he demonstratively despises, I.E. the establishment through the Police, yet all the time avoiding his own culpability in HIS crime.  This is worse than risible.

The tsunami that mass immigration has produced will only be evaluated once the War is Over.  The Immigrants lit the fuse papers on the London Tube during their vicious Attack of 7/7, (already said to be the worst case of Mass Suicide in UK history) then compounded their villainy with the murder of Lee Rigby on the open streets of Woolwich.  The Jihadi Virgins had a collective orgasm and vowed to shag every future martyr into the other world, and that's why they are leaving in droves.

Forget the crocodile tears of those who would martyr their own children to a God that is so reprehensible that it ought to be classed as Satanical, and look at the facts.  For thirty years the intelligentsia has been demanding that we wait for the Moderate Muslim voice to be raised in angst.  I have got news for YOU, super intellectual experts, “IT AIN'T GUNNA HAPPEN”.

The perpetrators of this deceit to these youngsters are using exactly the same techniques as the violators of British children around Britain through Child Sexual Exploitation. Damningly, the apologist are using the same excuses that Labour/Conservative/Liberal politicians have used for 40 years for not dong anything about this evil.  There are now too many immigrants in position of influence, totally disproportionate to the population ratio.  On the same night we are being fed the guff that fat,lazy 21 year old workshy British should be cared for for life through the Welfare System, the evils of society are being fostered on society by the DO-Gooders and See NO Evil mongs in the political elite with "we cannot criticise" this encrouched evil that clearly wants to destroy our way of life.

Note very well.  The Establishment will try to place blame on everyone and everything that is innocent of these malicious charges. You and me!  The real blame lays with the demand for multiculturism and an acceptance that everyone raised abroad has a greater social value than the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.  The purveyors of these lies are just plane - not the one that flies into mountains - wrong.