Thursday, 2 October 2014

Even a pint or three can't mask the evil

Are You one of those who sits at home, glued to the awful gogglebox and never mixes with other people?  After another night with these I may join you.

No I won't!  I'm not that depressed, yet!

But listening to the news makes for depression.  Another Council responsible for the destruction of a young life in Bradford where Social Workers returned an abused Child to her rapist father.  It has cost Bradford £160.000, which is small change compared to the damage it has done.

As the Lunatic’s Speaking Season comes to a close, it is time to reflect on what is happening.  Before I do that, I have been wondering what my MP has done about the letters I sent to him with regards to the Organised Abuse of English Children by Foreign Nationals?  Apart from being accused of Racism, nothing!  I was taken aside by a police officer and told that they were investigating groups of Asian men who were thought to be grooming Blackpool girls for abuse.  He was adamant but extremely secretive.  Adamant that everything he told me was the truth, and that it was more than his job and future was worth to make this public.

How sad that Whistleblowers are in danger while perpetrators of these vile crimes and our political elite work and walk hand in hand, concealing these evil ways through the maze of deceit and lies. This is now proven as one report clearly indicates the death of depravity that has gone on to protect Paedophiles by officials who ought to be in prison not in Councils or Governments.

This is the indictment that all Labour’s supporters and followers have brushed under the carpet.  There is a need to remind people of the extent of the abuse.  It is also time that we examined the full extent of abuse by all nationals on women and children in this NOT so safe country.  Note well that not a single Labour diehard has accepted their culpability.  Instead their political posturing has engendering a parasitical expectation of laziness and benefaction which created the Mick Philpott’s of this place.  He and his evil spouse murdered their children in anticipation of a legacy of improved financial handouts from his hard working neighbours, another payload from Social Services.

To my horror, but not surprising, I have learned that as many as 1 in 3 children, mostly girls, self harm.  Is it not surprising then that this group of vulnerable children are targeted by sexual deviants?  If I can obtain such statistics, what are the Agencies of Government and the overpaid lackeys doing to reverse this appalling situation?  Next to nothing apart from overpaying inadequate Jobsworths who label every dissenting voice a trouble causer or a Racist Bigot!  With the exposure of #Rotherham hopefully that scurrilous slur is now no more.

And only today, the family of Jane Clough is demanding a Register for Stalkers.  There would be no need for any such action if the authorities allowed victims to ask the police to enforce existing laws.  Having already braved the media, Jane was prepared to confront her attacker in a Court of Law, only for circumstances and dubious legal practice to deny her that moment.  Whoever liaised with the Court and whomever in that Court could not understand or read that someone placed before them for Rape and Vicious Assault is not fit to be out unsupervised, is clearly unfit for Office?  This statement has to be reiterated for every Council Office whether #Rotherham, Telford, Blackpool and, it is said, every town and city in the Land which it is now known gives healthy stipend to people who are absolutely useless.

With great sadness today we read of the discovery of a body in London.  Whoever the victim is, our grief goes out for the family.  It is for the Investigating Authority to quickly find the perpetrator(s) of this evil act.  

We all have questions to ask, but on this subject now is not the appropriate time to ask them. On that note I will get ready to go to the pub. Ruddles laffin juice, £1.50 a pint. Should be pissed by Monday. LOL.