Sunday, 12 October 2014

WATERLOO Ward election Blackpool October 9 2014


The results in the Waterloo ward by election - October 9th 2014
Name of candidate  Description (if any)  Number of votes  Percentage of votes 
Braithwaite John UK Independence Party  372  31.63%
Ellis Kathy Labour Party Candidate  347  29.51%
Hodkinson Mike Liberal Democrat  34  2.89%
Renshaw Jack Andrew British National Party  17  1.45%
Robertson Derek Conservative Party  406  34.52%
Dear members

As some of you  may well know, we had a  by-election on waterloo  ward  both labour and the conservatives know in their hearts ukip won the seat  even thou we lost by 34 votes,  with the general election  in May next year  this  is  ukips time to change the out of date out of touch council of Blackpool.

As  I am  head of the elections committee  for Blackpool south ,  I would like to encourage you to be part of  this process   we can do it  I would like to ask members for  their input  on how  you think ukip  can make Blackpool a better place to both live and visits  I want to put, a  ukip manifesto  to the voting public  as  we canvass   the wards  on the run up  to the May elections,   I would like members to come  to more meetings  myself  and Warwick howlett  will be  seeking a regular venue  for these meetings the meetings we be open to members and non-members  as  we as the new third party in Blackpool  need to get our message out there  a vote for conservative is a  vote for labour   I would  like members to know  ukip Blackpool as now its own website   you  can also  see   our MP candidates  for   Blackpool  north  and south   peter wood ( Blackpool south )  Simon  noble  ( Blackpool north ) ,  over the next few months I will be inviting  peter  and Simon   to our local meetings  and you will have a chance to  talk to them .

We can only change Blackpool with your help so I ask for your support in any way you can help over the next 7 months thank you for your time

Mr John Braithwaite
Head of elections committee (Blackpool south)