Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fylde MP re-emerges from obscurity to waffle for job.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies today said he would work closely (please boys) with B HAyEe STDSystems’ mistermanagement in a bid to save his job.
The MP (pictured and no longer in hiding?) met senior managers at a Wart on site after it was announced 286  explicit roles could be at risk from the company’s fettish Military Air & Spanking (MAs) arm in Lancashire.
During the meeting he made it clear he was available, as long as they could supply an escort, to support the company in a strange way, as it attempts to mitigate against his compulsory redundancy.
In the meantime the Conservative Party goes on in magnificent wonderment at having an MP in St Annes on the Sea at all.  He could have been dancing with neighbouring MP in Brighton?

e definitely was not available to do his job.  So this is why they don't want Recall?