Thursday, 2 October 2014

Cameron beginning to see the light

Mr Cameron also touched on the threat of Isis at the start of his speech and issued a stark message to young British jihadists who have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq, saying they could not expect to return to a normal life in Britain.

“You are an enemy of the UK,” he said. “And should expect to be treated such.”

You have forgotten what Enoch Powell predicted and has already come to pass.  Bombs in London!  British soldiers executed on the Queen's Streets! Shop not allowed to sell hygienic meat as it offends immigrants.  US tourist attacked for drinking on the pavement. The Rivers of Blood is not yet in full flow in Britain, but when the thousands return from their rehearsals in Syria and Iraq, we will not have the Forces to stop their murderous expansion here.

We have no Law because the ancient law of Equity has been abandoned to the alien Law of Sharia.  Today is the day to tell everyone here that there is only one law in these Islands, and that is the Rule of Law dictated by HM's Government and not Caliphate.