Saturday, 4 October 2014

The HRA should go- good riddance

The legal Intelligentsia are at it, using every argument going for why the Human Rights Act should be retained.  I give but one of the many why it should not.

A 12 year old English, nay Lancashire lass was left to die by an immigrant seeking asylum, under the wheels of the car he was driving illegally.  In a seven year rampage of English criminal law, he was found guilty of so many offences that under no reasonable expectations should he have been allowed to continue to stay and prospers from his nefarious activities, except for one.  The ruling by a group of European Judges that his Rights superceded the legal and historic Rights of his victims.

We can allow Coroners, Judges and the Courts to sanction the Corporate killing of a Lancashire Veteran, in this country, because the lazy police have not investigated his death properly.  We permit police to lie under oath, allow tainted evidence to be put before a court and simply say sorry when the truth is belatedly discovered.   Lesley Susan Molseed (14 August 1964 – 5 October 1975) was an eleven-year old girl from Turf Hill, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, who was found dead on Rishworth Moor in West Yorkshire after being murdered.  But instead of tightening up our own processes, since PM Harold Wilson onwards, our Government has taken the lazy way out and left Justice to a group of foreigners in a distance land who should be on their knees to the British People for setting them Free from the tyranny of the Gestapo Yoke.  Instead, they have learned to play legal games and by doing so put the ultimate Freedoms of the People of these Islands at risk.

Recent history has taught us that we can put little faith in legal reviews and Government sanctioned inquiries.  When traitor Blair set up the investigation into the death of scientist Dr David Kelly, he carefully instructed Lord Hutton with a set of words that made it impossible for Hutton to come to an independent conclusion.  It appears always to be thus with Hillsborough and back to Lancashire with the Andy Miller Corporate Murder non-investigation.  It is also the reason, the Wilson Legacy of tired Governance, that Rotherham, Blackpool, Telford and all the other corrupt boroughs have endured generations of criminality at the hands of Labour's immigrant followers and officials.