Sunday, 12 October 2014

The National Health Service – UKIP

The National Health Service
– UKIP will ensure the NHS is free at the point of delivery and time of need for all UK residents.

What cowardice!  Please re-read what is being proposed and I shall offer realism.

We have had, in a few short years, 3 million immigrants landing on our shores.  It is not as if we are similar to the USA or Russia with thousands of miles of land borders.  We are an ISLAND with  limited space and limited resources.  The NHS that my father won for us, the children of Heroes, by misuse of the English language is now the official property of anyone who just happens to be here.  What a monstrous burden to put on any system.

The NHS is struggling to supply GPs to the country, as we are.  Instead of training our own, we import dubiously educated foreigners from nations like India, Pakistan and a multiple of African Nations.  All these countries are more desperate for their expertise than we are, but selfish and blinkered politician hit us with a serious of allegations that reflects more on their political ignorance's than our national needs.

So!  Has our general education imploded so badly that we cannot fill out Medical Schools with British students?  From just talking to the youth one would probably have to say, yes!  We cannot examine statements because political correctness dictates to the lowest intelligence level of those who cannot discern debate and genuine angst.  It is the dilemma of the Establishment that cannot see that Westminster is now so far divorced from the People that only the Villager's View are Germain.  This seismic truth has not vet touched Parliament although every Briton who can read is formulating views not acceptable to the Ruling Elite, the Champagne Socialists especially.

A simple fact, we cannot afford a system that gives open access to everyone who just happens to be here.  Does a student on a three year course get full benefits?  According to the mindless and the over generous, they do and they ought to.  But do British students in the USA or any other educational theatre get privileged services?  As far as I can ascertain, only if they have paid for it up front. So why has not a single political party grasped the nettle and said to OUR VISITORS welcome, but when you fall ill or are pregnant you must return to your own country of pay for your treatment as our fathers envisaged?  Because of one overriding slur, RACIST/RACISM!

What prevents then NHS claiming monies owed by foreigners. 
1  The fear of being labelled Racists.
2  Laziness and sheer incompetence. Any other business would be allowed to go to the wall, to go bankrupt rather than give Free Service to everyone who happened to walk through the doors.  Like it or lump it, the NHS is a sickness service which is charged to care for the health, the sickness of the British Nation.  That is what our fathers and those who have worked have paid into.

So, Nigel Farage was absolutely correct to identify people with known maladies, illnesses and even contactable diseases.  They should not be duped by Labour and LibDemContricks into thinking that their problems are solved by decanting themselves at Heathrow or under the axles of British HGVs in Calais. If a British student knows that their education will carry a responsibility by them to pay back the benevolence of the British tax payer, then the foreigner should be under no doubt that the Exchequer will always seek from them the costs of their medical treatment.

All my travelling life, before I ever left these shores except for when I wore the Lovett of HM Armed Forces, I ensured I had all my unexpected costs covered.  That is except for once when I hitched down to Cape Town and I was potless, did I put myself at the mercy of those who could ill(sic) afford to care for themselves, let alone a complete stranger, was I never in receipt of adaquate insurance.

–We will ensure that visitors to the UK, and migrants until they have paid NI for five years, have NHS-approved private health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK, saving the NHS £2bn pa. UKIP will commit to spending £200m of the £2bn saving to end hospital car parking charges in England.

Put this at the top of this section- Ukip - and don't hide it down a manifesto because you are afraid of critisism from the defunct Parties.  Get rid of the confusion seen in this section of your promises and be crystal clear.  The Policy is absolutely right but the messengers have jumbled the words.  Delivered by Multibrandts is it?