Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Enrolling Members

Only a week to go and we shall be holding the inaugural meeting of the Group to decide which Party we are to affiliate to.  The People of Lintrathen and the Two Old Deers have been busy formulating arguments and policy.  This is what is being proposed.

1   Whichever Party we affilate to they must have accessible Minutes easily readable to all Lintrathen members.
2   We must be affiliated to and never subservient to any hierarchy. The membership holds the say on any Policy, and unless that Policy has been discussed and voted on by Lintrathen members it cannot be accepted as Lintrathen Policy.  Lintrathen members have a duty and right of  Free Association to challenge any and all policy dictated from the outside of the local membership. Whatever Party wishes our support, not only must they abide by the maxim that the Party is run from the bottom upwards, that unless they can prove such an undertaking. no affiliation can be binding on the Members of the Lintrathen Group, or the Old Deers and breed more easily.
3   There is to be a compulsary suspension of all political activity during the rutting season so that the Old Deers can gather their wits.
4   Any former Lieber members from #Rotherham must be closely vetted before they will be accepted into the Group.  Castration is at their own expense. Contricksters must dispense with their Blue Rinses and have read at least one volume of books by Theadore Dalrymple and Sam Harris.  Kippers must have three genuine Minutes of Meetings they have attended and can swear to their authenticity. LibDems will be welcomed as long as they are prepared to be tied to the rotors of the Wind Turbines overlooking Glen Shee, for the next winter.

On that Note the 2 Old Deers and I say welcome to the Lintrathen Group.