Tuesday, 9 September 2014

DM indicts Rotherham Council and Police


A Home Office researcher - who was not named - said last week that her report into child sexual exploitation in the town had been suppressed and she had been subject to threats.
The researcher said her data was taken during a raid on her office in the town and she was put under pressure to change her findings.
Liberal Democrat Julian Huppert suggested there had been an 'active conspiracy' involving police officers and questioned how the public could now trust South Yorkshire police.
Mr Crompton said: 'I'm absolutely committed to getting to the bottom of it. If there are any disciplinary matters, and some of these are being raised with me for the first time today, you have my absolute commitment we'll get to the bottom of it.'
Mr Hughes said he wished he had 'done more' during his time as chief constable.
He said: 'I don't think I was derelict in my duty but I certainly have questions to ask myself.'
Asked if should face any sanctions, such as losing his pension, he replied: 'I'm happy that I am dealt with in accordance of the law of the land.'