Monday, 22 September 2014

Change.Org petition I did not endorse

I have voiced my concerns about this website for some time.  Now my concerns have been justified.  Here is a petition I publicly refused to endorse but they still said I did.

I do NOT endorse this campaign nor would I endorse this campaign.  If these foreigners  want to abuse my generosity, do it to someone less inclined to be duped.  That is my warning to everyone.

Please take care when you allow mass publications to abuse your RIGHTS by purporting to supports someone else’s.  This woman is not British but Iranian. If the British Government stupidly gave her my passport it was without my permission.  I never gave it, nor will I ever give it.

Dear Stephen,

Thanks for signing my petition, ".@David_Cameron + @HassanRouhani Bring my sister home #FreeGhonchehGhavami."

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Thanks again -- together we're making change happen,

Iman Ghavami


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I just signed the petition ".@David_Cameron + @HassanRouhani Bring my sister home #FreeGhonchehGhavami" on

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