Saturday, 20 September 2014

Another Petition I will not be signing

 I definitely WILL NOT be signing this. I don't believe the whinging buggers - just gone to watch a volleyball game - who abuse the privilege of having MY  PASSPORT and another from a foreign nation.  Listen whingers!  She's in prison in the country where she holds her original passport, so you don't need to bother me or my Government with more of this nonesense.

I am from English, Scottish and Irish stock.  I have but ONE PASSPORT, for which I fought as did my two grandparents, my dad, my uncles, cousins, brothers and quite a few of my female kin.  We did not serve for the Government in Westminster to dilute our rights by handing British Passports to every Tom, Dick and Jasmina who does not want to fight for their country.

If and when she ever returns to MY country, take the Passport and burn it, before she can enter.  Professor John Tulloch, a Britain born in India was under duress from the Immigration Department just because he had been born in India, with both his parents being British and working for the British Government.

There's a new petition trending on, and we think you might be interested in signing it.

@David_Cameron + @HassanRouhani Bring my sister home #FreeGhonchehGhavami

Iman Ghavami
London, United Kingdom

Since June 2014 my younger sister is in solitary confinement in Tehran. She was arrested for going to a men's volleyball match.
Ghoncheh is a British Iranian dual citizen. She was there to watch a game. She was arrested because of a misunderstanding.
Amnesty International has called for an Urgent Action for my sister. Amnesty believes Ghoncheh has been put under psychological pressure and been told she "would not walk out of prison alive." 
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has said it was “aware of reports” of her imprisonment but its diplomatic powers are limited in Iran. We know that the UK Government has the power to do more to help Ghoncheh. Past cases have shown us that when pressure is applied Government will take more action.
Every signature and share will bring my sister closer to home. Will you help end this nightmare for my family?