Tuesday, 16 September 2014

British Muslims or Partial British?

 Having read some of Theodore Dalrymples previous works, in this I find another excellent contribution to the insanity of multiculturalism and it illuminates some highly suppressed views.  Read the full text(click here). The writer conclude with this:-

Before they find in Islamism the answer to life’s problems, the jihadis have often fully participated in this way of life. Jihadi websites enjoin their coreligionists to forswear it as degraded and horrible (as indeed it is): Those who do the enjoining know whereof they speak.
Instead of forswearing their brutality, however, they moralize it and give it a semblance of a cause and purpose. For them, jihad is a nightclub brawl on a huge scale with a supposedly transcendent purpose. In being the most brutal of the brutal, they show how partially British they are.
— Theodore Dalrymple is a medical doctor and the author, most recently, of Threats of Pain and Ruin. This is adapted from an article in the September 22, 2014, issue of National Review.