Thursday, 19 June 2014

Revoe Pact Meeting ends in uproar

 The Revoe district Pact meeting, held last evening at the strange stilted building on St Annes Road, eventually dissolved into chaos.  From almost the first moment, an election of a Chairperson, unresolved issues revealed the discontent that was later to burst into full scale argument.
Two females vied for the Chair, a vote was taken, the papers were counted and the Chair was elected.  The runner up immediately announced that she would not serve as deputy/vice under the elected person.  It was disclosed that an earlier vote had been vetoed as the council and officials “ensured that correct procedure was followed”, the original decision was overturned and the New Chair oddly enough appears to be a staunch Labourite.  This decision was only clarified by those participating after the meeting had ended.
So what was it that caused such a furore?  Not the election of a new Chair?  No! That was a mere Westerly on a balmy summers evening.  The Tempest, needless to say, was reserved for the Noor-a-Madina mosque on Waterloo road.  Please do not try to search the internet for the story as there is very little to read.  In a nutshell, Labour supporter and council candidate Tasurraf ( Natasha) Shah had acquired first one shop and subsequently all four premise next to Karl Smiths Motors, changed their usage, without planning permission, knocked through and probably undermined the safety of the building by removing walls.  The owner and occupants started using the combined area for religious and whatever other nefarious purposes. It is still being used, against the orders of a British Court, for that purpose.  The vehicle parked outside still bears all the livery, the marking and contact details as if the Mosque was fully functioning.  To all the neighbours and complainants it definitely looks as though it is.

To say the immediate ‘locals were in uproar’ is an understatement.  A catalogue of listed complaints includes the dismembering of livestock in the back yard, the discharge of blood and other waste animal products into the sewer system, the interference with normal commerce as Worshippers blocked parking for the remaining shops. Neighbours said that the smell was horrific and for quite a time the council did nothing, probably guided by the inept councillors who proved last evening that they hate dissenters, but hate more anyone  challenging their feeble record in Office.  After a while and in a sort of fashion, as tempered mounted and the residents grew more vocal, Ms Shah was taken to court and, in a hearing to overturn a previous decision against her, was found guilty of a criminal offence of deliberately flouting the Laws for her own benefit.
Had not the Labour Council issued free parking in a nearby car park, probably very little awareness of the shenanigans would have ever surfaced.  Had not some clown at the Council issued the “Mosque that wasn’t” with parking spaces – “ because it was envisaged that the Mosque would be sanctioned for purpose irrespective of local objections” – nothing of this sorry episode would have seen daylight.  Feelings ran high and are not being placated by the actions or otherwise of this dysfunctional council.  A petition was raised and a large protest was delivered to the Council.  Now here’s another rub.  The Council has received another application to establish the Mosque in that very same location, by the same people and for the original purposes.  Yet the Council only decided to inform “those who showed interest” and sent letters to only a very few residents to inform them of what was happening.  This has outraged those who signed the petition and have not been informed.  Who cares?  This is how it works in Russia.
Now isn’t that typical of the sort of attitudes that some show to the Rule of Law in this Country?
Residents from Gladstone Street and other nearby areas had waited patiently for this matter to be raised and addressed as it was, rightly so, the most immediate matter of importance but not apparently on the agenda.  The Chair, with the collusion of the Labour Councillors, had tried to direct the proceeding away from any mention of the Mosque until an elderly gentleman, tired of the deviation, called loudly, “Why are you ignoring the Waterloo Mosque?”

This was the start of what turned out to be a straight forward shouting match as Labour Councillor after Labour Councillor tried to polish their gloss on this very unsavoury situation. Councillor Jones even tried to make Mickey, another elderly resident and a Sandgrown’un, retract his comments and even be quiet.  That is when a voice rose above all others and challenge, “What’s wrong Councillor, don’t you like Free Speech?”  The unedifying exchange had begun.  Councillors, with the tacit help of the Chair, tried to distance themselves from this one subject that such a large section of the audience wanted clarifying, that Mosque. The unsatisfactory situation was exacerbated as not a single person, from the Council officers to councillors alike, could or would give a clear statement on the facts. It is said that the council has already, as they tried to do several years ago, given permission for a change of use “on the nod”.  This has enraged many of the elderly men and women, the very people living adjacent to this shabby fiasco, as they have been led to believe that the Mosque, as such, was an illegal place and those associated been found guilty of criminal offences.
The voice of dissent was not a single one as several elderly and outrages ladies vented their feeling and disgust at the elected and unelected officials.
Again Councillor Jones intervened with “I don’t like you insulting hard working councillors...” but before he could utter another syllable he ignited the fuse paper and I interjected with…”Oh, that’s right, Councillor.  The only voice you want to hear is your own.  As long as I am here the people here will have their say and you will listen.  I have done too much in my life to let the likes of you destroy Free Speech completely.”  It was obvious from his face that the only thing that Councillor Jones will ever listen to is the utter insanity rendered by Ed Miliband and his discredited hyenas.

A boy, nothing more than a child, intervened and asked surely that with a subject so important, not to his generation because; as a child, he wanted to cover children’s issues: it was incumbent on the Council to ensure that everyone was told of proceedings and the matter should be covered in an adult way.  Well spoken, Young Sir!  He got an enormous round of applause but was instantly dismissed by the amateurish, bullying political figures with their glares and barely audible snide remarks.  What’s wrong Labour?  Some of us can read body language.  You don’t have to say a word especially when you have been chastised by a sagacious ten year old.
I have spent all my working life fighting terrorism.  What appals me is that this Labour Group in Blackpool acts with all the authority and openness of the worst Terrorist Organisation I have encountered, and that is a lot.  There are some amongst them who hide behind their sexual genders and use it as a club to threaten anyone who dares disagree with their corrupt and debase theologies.  That in itself is a massive insult to all people of all sexual persuasions who hold political beliefs different to theirs. I mention in disgust that not a single Councillor at that meeting had ever fixed a bayonet, but by Gilly, they certainly know how to go “over the Top”.