Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mass children's grave, said to be a result of the famine, shown to be fault of Irish Institutions

THE Catholic Church has responded to the grim discovery of the remains of up to 800 unidentified children buried in an unmarked plot beside a notorious “Mother and Baby Home” in Galway, claiming that the mass grave was a temporary solution and the infants remains are “just resting” there.

The Tuam workhouse for unmarried mothers and their babies was run by the Sisters of Bon Secours (French for “safe harbour”) between the years 1925 and 1961, during which time the bodies of at least 796 children aged from 2 days to 9 years were placed one by one in an unused septic tank, following deaths from TB, malnourishment, pneumonia, and good old-fashioned neglect.

Meanwhile the entire nation has reacted with shock and an unquantifiable disgust at the discovery made by Catherine Corless, a local historian and private citizen, as she carried out research about a church run institution known locally as ‘The Home’. The events that transpired there are a lesson in abject misery and unending sorrow that would even make a Nazi war criminal blush and this was reflected in the word on the street from many Irish people.

Why all this belated angst from a Nation that has evolved on perpetuating myth?  It, the Eire Nation, boasts the most intelligent people in Europe, the most liberal and the most easy to get on with.  The truth is they harbour too much deep resentment.  The very intolerance bred from a history based only on religious piety and ignorance, fostered by a church that hates intensely the Prodestant deviation of that other great historical mythological character, Jesus.

What mentality allows a whole block of the population to genuflect at the feet of such bigotry?  This adherence to protocols that permits child abusers and paedophiles to rule without sanction in their midst surely ought to have been challenge before today?  The semi-literate priest, so akin to their modern day Muslim counterpart, holds too much influence in communities where dissent is not only frowned up, but violently put down.  The arbiters of modern discipline are not the Sword Carrying Monk, but the Armalite wielding terrorists of the IRA and Sinn Fein.  It is useless to redirect hostility to other regimes whether they are in Russia or China as long as the abuses are perpetuated by poor policing and cowardly political posturing here in the British Isles.

Every time a politician appeases the apostles of these baseless myths they alienate the most generous people in the Modern World, The British.  It is all well and good having immigrants like Keith Vaz in Parliamentary positions of influence, but it must always be allowed for opposition to these people to remind the ignorant masses that this very same Saint of Westminster obstructed a Parliamentary Inquiry into his behaviour.  He refused to answer questions and was finally rewarded with a Ruling that most Britons would find strange. Opposition is not based on religion, ethnicity or any other factor other than his politic stink.  Any politician that has the gall to put on their intent blog that their main priority was that of the immigrant should not be allowed to stand in judgment of the very people his attitudes will eventual subjugate, the indigenous British.

Ever since the Irish State was founded the people of that part of the British Isles have been able to move freely within the rest of the UK, been able to freely vote in elections and to behave like any true British citizen.  Mark that with the demise of the Prodestant population in Eire, the fact that British subjects were permitted no privilege once within her borders, and could not rely on the State for any assistance when faced with severe adversity.  Yet in mainland Britain the coffers were generously plundered wherever and whenever it was expedient to do so. It is to mainland Britain that so many women have been force to flee the horrendous medieval institutions of Irish Statehood.  But what power does poor education and indoctrination hold over these normal girls, often nothing more than children, who always appear so ready to support the ogres of Catholic etherealism against the overdue criminal charges they so rightly ought to be facing? 

If the Eire State does instigate an investigation into what really happened to all these children, mark my words, the conditions and writ will be so restrictive that any first year University student would be able to write the conclusions.  I hear the Irish Government has already placed an order with Wilko for many thousand gallons (more in Litres) of WhiteWash.