Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Day of shame for HM Armed Forces?

While Sgt Alex Blackman remains in a prison,  I shall never support his jailers.
I clearly understand the legal ruling that says what he did was murder, but surely his legal team had the intelligence to argue that it was assisted suicide?

Death by Allied Soldier.

What the killing of a Taliban/Al Quiada makarangwa did; although I do understand that before Blair's illegally entrenched our troops in his illegal folly, they were completely separate entities: was to assist this murderer in fulfilling his mission.  The early entry into Heaven!!

When a heavily armed suicide terrorist sets out to murder you and all those you are charged with protecting, a soldier has but one option.  That is to prevent that intention by all means.

Sgt Blackman RM did his duty, like it or not.