Monday, 23 June 2014

More Corruption in New South Africa

 For all those who call me racist, this is the corruption that happens when Parliament is not properly supervised and controlled - which always appears to happen when Labour gets into office in Westminster. It is not Racism to expose what is happening to the UK by comparing it to other countries where our kin live - but not for much longer if Zuma has his way.

And you thought Nkandla was bad !

Krynaauwslust is a 4400 hectare farm near Vrede in the Freestate. The Freestate government has committed to spend R570 000 000.00 on a dairy farm on Krynaauwslust through a BEE company named Estina.

Some of the expenses :
* R2.6 million for the gate
* R119 million for the actual dairy buildings
* R2.5 million for spanners and tools
* R6 million for dairy cows, etc etc.

According to a very glossy, drummed up report by the Freestate Premier, Ace Magashule, Krynaauwslust will deliver 100 000 litres of milk per day out of the 370 dairy cows they bought. Or to be exact : 270 liters per cow per day. That is BLOODY AMAZIING!   Because that is more than 10 times the average that a dairy cow produces per day.
If you drive to Krynaauwslust right now, you would smell something in the air. It is the carcasses of cows dying from hunger that are dumped in the ravine on the farm. About 65 are dead already.

The BEE company is legit and registered to this address : Block A, Grayston Ridge Office Park in Sandton.
When you pay a visit this address, you will find some other interesting people also have offices in that block. Namely:

1. Duduzane Zuma: Our beloved president`s son.
2. Mabengela Pty (Ltd) : Our beloved Gupta family`s company.
3. Thsepo Magashule: Our beloved Freestate Premier`s son.

How much more blatant a reason do you need to impeach him?
This is shocking, but what can you and I do about it, apart from our vote ?
Let each of us pass these messages on a worldwide basis  ; as the RSA cannot sustain this flagrant and blatant fraud ;  theft  ; robbery ;  lies ; corruption and bullsh*t any longer by the ANC government  !!!!