Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Love thy Neighbour - the Terrorist

BAGHDAD — Iraqi army soldiers abandoned their weapons and fled the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday, as Sunni militants freed hundreds of prisoners and seized military bases, police stations, banks, the airport and the provincial governor’s headquarters. The attacks widened the Sunni insurgency in Iraq and were among the most audacious assaults on the government since the American military withdrawal more than two years ago.

Mosul today

Insulting liberalism, again, today predominated on Twitter, mainly posted by those who use long words with no idea what they truly mean.  It is wonderful that some contributors hide behind the respectability of legal gobbledegook as they put the treacherous daggers in the backs of those they need most to protect their liberties, the Soldier.

Today, more political figures try to assuage the growing anger amongst ordinary British people for the manner in which they- from Maggie through to Teflon Tony - have lied to victims of IRA and Muslim terrorism within the UK. Pacifists and legal junk purveyors condemn the actions of Fighting Troops, imprisoning Marines for killing terrorists; and for almost two decade gloated at soldiers being convicted for shootings while issuing Royal Pardons to mass murderers and the absolute dregs of humanity.  Not only was that wrong but it was treason.  Soldiers knew the risks as long as the politician didn’t muddy the waters, as history is now showing, they did.

 John Downey.  Wanted for murdering British soldiers on British soil, but not by politicians

Not a hint of sanction from the so called intellectuals – parasites - against the idiot politicians.  Those who ordered illegal actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have had nothing worse than tacit support especially from the bodies empowered to scrutinise their actions.  These weak kneed residents of Westminster now have allies in the wonderful Human Rights agencies.  Together they issue a constant drip of condescension to soldiers who chose to save their own lives by taking the enemies! 

 Let the soldier die as long as the terrorist, the coward hiding in the crowd of women and children, can escape to commit mass murder another day.

This does not deserve more comment, least of all intelligent debate.