Friday, 6 June 2014

A Personal View 70 years on.

On this day 70 years ago, a 17 year old sailor from Preston, Lancashire, served as a crew member aboard LCI 112 on the beaches of Normandy.

That boy, already three years into mans service with the Andrew, was my father.  Later he served aboard LCI 204 in the Burma campaign.  That boy was my father. I have to keep repeating that because I never knew him.  A Bunting Tosser, a youth who sacrificed his boyhood, for what?  Definitely not to give this country to the Lib/Lab/Con conspirators who want to achieve what Hitler could not. 3 million foreigners welcomed into these tiny islands in just a few years.  That has to be treason and sedition.

If the landings were hazardous, then fetching these tiny, slow craft across the war raging Atlantic with just 8 crew members was more than an adventure. I wonder if all the sacrifices were worth the effort? Whilst those of us served, the politicians have done their damnedest to undermine everything we have faught for.  And still the British People vote for them!

Now Councillor Hunter, Labour Blackpool, tell me history is irrelevant?