Friday, 20 June 2014

Charities caught in crossfire of Labour's muddling.


 There has to be repercussions after such a virulent meeting as that of the Revoe Pact Group on Wednesday.  If it has impacted on the chances of moneys being found for the brilliant organisations within the Real Charity Sector, then that culpability has to fall squarely on the shoulders of the Council, the elected councillors and those who tried to silence dissent.   

 It is not alright for the likes of Councillor Jones, who lives somewhere outside of Blackpool proper, to try to silence angry residents by false accusations of belittling councillors.  Councillors do that to themselves as Sweet Shop Fred managed when he said, quote, “I am only giving you an honest reply.”  From the person who holds the Portfolio for Redevelopment?  What are you redeveloping, Fred?  Labour membership?

1.                It was not a reply.  He was trying to practise political speech; a touch of showmanship for the other Labour inserts to applaud.  Sorry Fred, but you have to be far more rehearsed at such theatricals to get away with blatant polemics.  The result of your intervention served only to prove to most in that audience just what so many have believed to be true for a long time, that you are an incompetent puppet.  Leave the invectives to that snarling poodle Cllr Jones.

The only redeeming factor was that the Charities withdrew the children once the real agenda was met. These people and organisations need all the assistance the public can provide for it is a certainty the Labour Administration will be blaming Westminster for their own inadequacies.

No Labour!  You are supposedly in charge in Blackpool.  Do your duty and stop blaming everyone except yourselves.