Monday, 23 June 2014

Highfield, Squires Gate, Marton Pact Meeting

 The people of Highfield and South Shore deserve a better return on their taxes than the one they are getting at present.  At the bottom are the schedules for the next Pact Meeting.

I must also admit that I discovered this little gem by accident as it appears that some do not want popular public participation.
Please, turn out and have your penny-worth.

Councillors at Revoe and adjacent districts tried to gag some of the participants at the latest Revoe Meeting, without realising that modern acoustic equipment can and does secrete itself so easily, but records absolutely clearly.

The top picture is before the Courts decided that the Mosque breached planning laws.  The bottom is since and clearly shows the vehicles in use, the logos and signs for the Mosque and the complete livery.  What action has the council taken since the court ruling?  That is what the Council will not tell.

The down side of having access and information of malfeasance is that too many people, and the council appears to be complicit in this by the way it supports illegal CIC's.  An infamous one was fostered under the leadership of Cllrs Jim Houldsworth and now exposed and convicted paedophile Cllr Julien Majeur. The Council stuffed the Law Book up their backsides and poo poohed the Malfeasance Laws with the same disdain they reserve for those who see through their villainy.

Highfield, Stanley and Squires gate

Highfield Humanities College
Usually first Tuesday of the month
Date: 01/07/2014
Time: 18:00 PM