Thursday, 12 December 2013

Ukraine head towards a miserable Christmas

Kiev is turning nasty and history is repeating itself.  I was told by the future labour councillor for Highfield Ward that HISTORY is irrelevant.  It is if you are an ignorant lapdog.  Fortunately human kind has advance by humans with a lot more go than the blind followers of doctrine that has long since proven useless. Labour looks after no-one except a privileged few of the Champagne Socialist.

Blair got us into a struggle that has to date cost the lives of at least 446 of our finest people, in an alien Nation a million miles away from the 21st Century, but we are told by the Government and opposition that they have everything under control as we watch our neighbours crash into anarchy.

O Yes!  Wonderful control as shown with the open doors and mass imigration, mainly of an unskilled workforce that has ruined our low paid and least capable...I think not.  What is happening in Kiev today has, I will remind some, happened here recently and will happen again unless we take drastic steps to prevent it.