Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Seeing thru Labour's drivel - PMQs today

The Brighton Belle, MP for Blackpool South led a suicidal attack on the Prime Minister (PMQs) today by MISQUOTING a SUPPOSED case of a woman, violently violated through the DWP, who worked gratis for one charity and was denied assistance, whereas she could have worked for another and received part of pensioners taxes for doing so.

Why couldn’t Gordon say that here is a woman who can obviously work, she clearly indicates this, but she can’t work for a wage that pensioner would appreciate?  Again we have this horrendous bias of a tax on pensioners savings to placate the Labour supporter, past and future - infiltrating in their millions into this country – but nowhere is the demand for those who can work, to do so?  Nowhere, because it is political suicide to tell the truth on a generosity that not a single national government can afford.  Yet Labour will reimpose their generocity at savers expense.

Let’s get one thing straight.  It isn’t/wasn’t  Labour’s money that Labour squandered over their tenure in Government.  It was mainly Pensioners Money.  This selectivity by Labour’s Brighton Belle, to conjure out of the political ether an unnamed female working for unnamed charities, victimised by a Department of State that cannot defend itself, is risible.  What about the immediate family of the murdered Andy Miller – now that’s a name of a real victim - who have rights continually denied to question the propriety at the lack of a meaningful investigation into the murder?  Mr Marsden MP has been stunning silent.  Do not murdered veteran’s relatives deserve an intelligent – any- answer to this debacle? 
If there is a topic that Blackpool needs airing, and that the TV media tried this week to do, it is the tenuous and disgraceful attitude towards children, the abuse of them and what look to the casual observer to be the protection by the authorities of those who pray on them.  During the Highfield circus Labour eventually donned the mantle of protectors and champion.  Unfortunately this is as bogus as the convictions, or none thereof, of some child abusers who must be being protected by others in positions of trust.  For three successive parliaments that responsibility to Care fell to Labour.

They failed abysmally.   

A close peep into Labour MP’s or their spouses viewing habits ought to hold a few answers to the depravity of office holders.  Not that the Blue Brigade can feel smug.  It is about time the Crown Court in Preston fulfilled its duty and prosecuted suspected abusers. (No names as sub judice),