Thursday, 26 December 2013

One Veteran's thoughts

As the Old Year ends it is perhaps time to reflect on the past months.  For those who have family and friends in the Armed Forces, 2013 gave mixed messages.  On the one hand we had politicians telling us how valued service personnel are, then on the other they are making whole swathes of superb British youth redundant and what is worse, made to feel worthless.  It takes true genius to achieve this and between the three ugly sisters, Clagg, Multibrandts and Dave, have succeeded beyond all expectations.

The most harrowing legacy for both Politicians and Forces is that they have all succumbed to the numbingly stupid legacy bequeathed by Tony Blair, that to act illegally is right when might is on your side.  Not that the aim of ridding the World of Al Qaeda was in itself bad, but the methods chosen have proven historically naive and reprehensible.  For many the two Middle Eastern adventures are intimately linked, but that has only been achieved by a cynical process of disinformation and blatant lies.  No-on should be in any doubt that the authors of the “dodgy dossiers” ought to be named and prosecuted under the full weight of the law.  If it is right to demonise and criminalise illiterate – mainly women – folk for earning a couple of pounds over their allowances from the DWP, then it is only correct that those responsible for the thousands of dead, and that includes the 450 plus British soldiers, should he dragged through British Courts to face a British Jury.

Not that the British Legal system gives much grounds for comfort.  If, as is highly possible, a female terrorist was being transported to face trial in another country, her plane delayed in a British airfield because she was in childbirth, was suddenly rushed to a British Hospital to give birth then whole sections of the population are under the misguided impression that that child is British.  Clarify the situation and inform the millions of illegals in this country that you cannot benefit from your illegal actions.  Tony Blair did it but there are many who are prepared to recognise his culpability and remove all privilege that his office has secured for him.

This is why, digressing slightly, that some of the rulings from some Judges are beneath contempt.  It is all well and good scouring New Legislation for guidelines and ignoring ancient principles of law, the  undermining and making irrelevant  stare decidendi ‘ and ‘obiter dictum’, if we had decent MPs and Councillors.  The poor quality of MP and his/her ignorance of his/her role in influencing of law making should make every half educated person cringe.  Not that there is any advocacy for a move to amalgamate the Pillars of State.  If anything the appalling standard of MP’s, their actions and behaviour, now demands that not only should there be access to “Recall”, but stricter Rules must be enforced to curtail the McShames and Lord Duckhouses.  If MPs are not prepared to hold the Executive to account, then it must empower the electorate to do so.

People murder and maim children on an all too regular basis and the Courts do not feel justified in handing out stiff sentences.  The Judge in the Rochdale children abuse case HOPED, HOPED that the perpetrators would reflect on their actions and have compassion for the evil they inflicted!  If the Judges do not yet understand that there is now a growing, alien culture that hates and despises every facet of British law and society, then truly we are doomed. Not a single deportation order against  these foreign men who systematically threatened, raped and misused British children.  And we are supposed to remain silent just in case we offend the families of the perpetrators?  Guilty! Guilty!  Not until Europe has decreed how we should pamper evil wrongdoers, or as some call them  the misguided, misunderstood friends who put the Marauding Mongols to shame. Yet a soldier does his duty and kills a combatant, a murdering illiterate on his way to commit more atrocity, he is sentenced to life?  What would happen if the Heroes downed their weapons and played the game the way the pinkoe lunatic brigade want them to act?  Don't bother! It is too horrendous to contemplate.

There can be no greater threat to Parliament than from those who openly demand another religious and legal system be implemented and imposed on people living in these islands.  It is not proscribing hate to say that these alien customs have no place in Britain, not now and nowhere in the future.  To listen to MPs spout on about wanting Sharia Law when Britons are being killed in Blair’s Folly is to undermine and the whole fabric of Britain and Britain’s culture.

It is not beyond the realms of credulity to at least ask those who wish to represent us to go and learn or read what their duties and responsibilities are.  One of the major turn offs with politics, at ground level, is that voters do not know where a councillors responsibility ends and where their MP’s start.  The Paper Councillors, and there must be some Paper MPs, are a disgrace especially as they claim, all so legitimately, expenses from the Tax Payer.  They do absolutely nothing except boost their own pension rights.  For some it is a stepping stone, a first rung on the ladder to becoming a professional politician.  Very soon they metamorphose into a Parliament and please do not look up the definition of the most stupid of all primates, the Baboon.  It is getting more apparent that the less experience councillors and MP have acquired, the less capable they are or representing the people.  Unfortunately, if they wear the Mantel of one of the Three Parties they are accepted as Fonts of ALL Knowledge.  Again this is ludicrous.

Let us hope that the New Year will give the people the strength and the will to cast off ancient prejudice and belief and start thinking with their heads and not their Brew.

Merry New Year