Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The unacceptable face of Labour

In this morally corrupt decade that Labour has bequeathed to a Once Great Nation, it is interesting just to listen to yet another excuse, to the House of Commons, by yet another over bearing and over privileged member of the Establishment.  This was all before we read of his escapades on the Porn Channels.  The Honorable Member of the All Female Seat, Lady Mrs Harmoney has yet to appear to tell the world why he(she?) accidentally prefers big, black cock....and bull stories ahead of Hansards?

The Honorable Brighton Belle will be Gracing his adoring constituents with a rare visit to the constituency and will be assisting the propaganda machine of Unite and other Labour Unions in avoiding mentioning anything of any value to the few who will be allowed to meet with them.  If the Wonderful Brighton Belle can and does attend, then perhaps he can tell the cousin and nephew of the Murdered Sandgrown'un, Robert Michael (Andy) Miller, why he has not, in the four years since that dreadful event, replied to any correspondence on Andy's murder ?

The meeting will take place within yards of where both Andy's cousin and nephew live, not together because unlike politicians they do not share the same address.  Just a coincidence?  Strangely, yes!  But not like clicking on the tinternet to alternative Coq aux bum cooking programmes!  Note programmes.  To err once is human, but to err all the time is Labour.