Thursday, 19 December 2013

More cuts by Blackpool council


The Government has asked local authorities to respond to the proposals, which it claims are designed to be fair while recognising the responsibility councils have to make better use of their resources.  Almost £16m will be slashed from the 2014/15 budget in Blackpool, followed by around £20m the following year.

As previously reported in The Gazette, 700 town hall jobs will be lost in Blackpool over the next two years while many services will hit by the central government cuts.

Labour will use every dirty trick in the political book to put the blame everywhere but on the culprits, Labour and Conservatives. As they squandered the inheritance of a wonderful past, they have laid the grounds for the towns', and the countrys' demise.

In the past entrepreneurs built wonderful all weather and all year available venues.  Ever since they demolished the beautiful Palace planners have wreaked havoc on Blackpool and done everything imaginable to frighten away our one prize asset, the holiday-maker.

Not once have we witnessed planners taking into consideration that the weather is our greatest enemy, that and short sighted and petty politicians.  Where is the imagination to expand and prepare for change.  It does not take a brain surgeon to look at the buildings in most of the promenade regions to realise that the weather will deteriorate the structures and buildings and facilities will have to be replaced.  When you buy a car you know you will have to replace it in the future, but for an exceptional few places, buildings do the same.  They become jaded and no longer fit for purpose, just like Blackpool Council.

With another by election around the corner, it is time that the people spoke out and acted to get rid of this dysfunctional and basically ignorant selfish group and replace them with vigorous and energetic people.  Where's Philtheone when you need him? 

There are questions that need answering
1     Why have no elected councillors raised the overmanning, overspending issues before now?
2     Is there no elected councillor capable of scrutinising employees contracts?
3     Why or how can council employees get contracts of employment that pay them more than the Prime Minister? 

Elect someone with the courage to ask these questions and they will have my vote.