Saturday, 28 December 2013

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We live in desperate times.  Free speech has been sacrificed on the seditious altar of political correctness.  Lies about this much changed group of islands is being supported by local apathy and immigrant led manipulation.  Have you not noticed how immigrants are manipulating the English language to subvert British identity with some false history thought up in the duplicitous minds of the Social Champagners?  What gave Lord Kieth of Vaz the audacity to question anyone on their patriotic status?  Was it not the same lord of Lesssta Shire who outwaited a Commons enquiry into his own activities, and those of his spouse, a brilliant test case for a Chair of a Commons Committee?  Nor do I recall the majestic laird repaying his host nation by doing some form of service.  I do clearly recall that for many years he had, on his webpages, written that his duty was to the immigrant people of his region.
That is labour speak for saying we can support the people of the Yemen whilst British youth is actively engaged in confronting Al Qaeda in foreign places.  Note, the exodus from these foreign places may well be being undertaken by those who have the death of our soldiers on their hands.  For too many of OUR soldiers the only means of return is in a body bag.  The Trade has not been worth the price.