Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The two faces of Blackpool's Labour MP

Gordon Marsden (Blackpool South, Labour)
To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many hours of shift time were staffed below risk-assessed level at (a) Humber, (b) Belfast, (c) Liverpool and (d) Swansea maritime rescue coordination centres in September 2013.

Stephen Hammond (The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport; Wimbledon, Conservative)
During September 2013 the following Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC) were staffed below risk assessed levels for the following amount of 'shift time':
(a) Humber—408 Hours (34 out of 60 Shifts)
(b) Belfast—408 Hours (34 out of 60 Shifts)
(c) Liverpool—240 Hours (20 out of 60 Shifts)
(d) Swansea—84 Hours (seven out of 60 Shifts)
Where there are specific issues at a MRCC Her Majesty's Coastguard are using the current long established pairing arrangements between MRCCs. This enables each MRCC to be connected to at least one other MRCC which is available to provide mutual support.

Gordon Marsden MP appears very diligent when it comes to asking almost meaningless questions on behalf of, whomever?  But when it comes to asking about the disappearance of Blackpool children or the murder of a Blackpool veteran, he has been thunderously silent.   

Come on Mr Marsden, reply to Andy Miller’s nephew.  Afterall, you have four years of correspondence to catch up on and almost a decade of ignoring the possibility that some that you - along with the Government you served in - allowed/permitted illegal residents may have murdered a Blackpool child. No support for or demands that the police conduct a vigorous investigation into such heinous crimes?  

Why not? Is meaningless hand shaking with Labour supporters more important than caring for the needs of your constituents?  ALL YOUR CONSTITUENTS!?!?