Friday, 13 December 2013

Pickles speeding to legislate on Council coffers

The Government has started to listen and will act.  Knut sits by the sea and orders the tide back.  The Romans have joined Forces with the Normans to invade Little Pakistan to impose a misogynistic, pseudo Christian regime on the misogynistic agnostic population.
The memory span of the British electorate must be less than ten minutes, or as long as it takes a reasonable British beer swiller to down a decent pint of Wobbly Bob.  Councillors hide behind their mindless followers whist MP's sit in awe as Nero fiddles.  Musicians threaten to down their instruments if the fiddles are outlawed.
Multibrandts has been kidnapped by Somali Pirates - new to the Premiership - and the Lieber Party have raised enough for a third team spongeperson.  Gangsters in Vietnam win a fortune when they laid a bet that Co-op Bankers would snort funds subscribed by dissident pensioners for his retention in Mali.

Life is wonderful.  Have a good Christmas.  By the time the Goverment has acted The British Island will have moved further into the Atlantic. If you believe in The Deity He has done it to keep Briton away from The Eurogroan.