Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Addressing the Fracking questions in Lancashire

BBC NW has done/ is doing an interesting series on Fracking.  Unfortunately for those who follow the Ukip agenda they interviewed and showed Andy Pemberton at work on his farm. Andy is articulate, intelligent and raises some very interesting issues, those akin to general issues that Ukip raises over Wind Turbines.

I have not been able to address those concerns directly as I do not have access to the points that Andy raises. But here is where I wonder at politicians and their lackeys. Here is again a bright, intelligent individual with pertinent objections on a rational and coherent basis. Why are you not providing answers to Andy’s fears instead of hoping they just go away?
Ignoring a debate is not winning it.

As a twenty odd year instructor, one of the first lessons I learned was never to bullshit. If a pupil asked a question to which the tutor did not know the answer, there is but one reply. "A very good question and I shall get back to you in the morning with an answer".

Instead people pontificate until their questioner settles in their own mind that the teacher is full of sh1t and dose not know what he/she is talking about.

Sound familiar?