Sunday, 22 November 2015

The true face of Daesh


When this World use dead children to blackmail My World, to accommodate potential Daesh mass Murderers, it is time we take a look at those putting their children in danger for the sake of destroying Western Culture.

To all those who keep repeating the mantra that the REFUGEES share our desires, I ask only this!  What debased evidence do you gain that piece a Solomonic misinterpretation on?  
Out of an English Quran? 
Out of the Islamic enclaves of Brussels and Paris?  
Off the railway station in Madrid?  
Out of the rubble of 9/11?  
Wrapped round numerous bombs in Bali, running shoes in aircraft, the hold of a Russian holiday plane?  
Need I go on as I will forever keep 7/7 in reserve for all those who want to pervert me into an Islamist sympathiser?

It is all very sad!  I have great memories of Old Muslim friends, some more than accommodating and some more generous than their positions should have allowed.  What I do not see are the truly brave numbers as with former comrades in the RUC, who would put their own lives in danger to confront the collective terrorism of Nationalist IRA and Loyals paramilitaries.  It is a concept that the modern Labour Party and its awful leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will never appreciate.  If they want to rehabilitate themselves into Front Line Politics, let them take out a prosecution against THEIR former leaders who contributed through lies and false accounting, for part of this dire situation we now find oursleves in.

Well Done Tony Blair.