Sunday, 8 November 2015

Blackpool D-Day hero, former 42 Commando RM Mr Derek Coyle

Meet a real hero from D-Day, Mr Derek Coyle, formerly of 42 Commando, Royal Marines who spent most of 6th June 1944 fighting for his own life in the torrid waters of Normandy as his LC was short away from him and his fellow Bootnecks.

Derek, a disabled veteran, is also the HERO whom former Blackpool councillor, paedophile Julian Manure, usurped authority over and replaced him with his own presence on a once and final trip back to the battlefields of Normandy.  I repeat, as most Blackpool councillors know this already, as do most of the Charities which covered these matter, the then Cllr Manure informed HERO Derek, on the eve of departure for Normandy, that Derek had not been booked on the sojourn.  Instead, kiddy fiddler Manure went to a place and with an association for which he had not affiliation, leaving the real HERO yet again stranded in the murky waters of indifference.

Next time you read a person being endorsed by others such as Simon Weston, take a close look at the picture and analyse the facts for yourself.  Blackpool Labour MP Gordon Marsden was fully conscious of the outrage, yet remained deafeningly mute.  So did council leader Simon Blackburn. Another Labour stalwart.

Derek may be without his escort at today's Parade as transport services are in a mess, both road and rail.  His is a story conveniently ignored as it exemplifies Labour councils determination to eradicate a history for the opportunity to make capital political gain with immigrants over locals.

Bless you, Derek, and all the others who have given selfless service for poor reward.  Have a Great Day and we might see you for a TOT, a small libation in an establishment where politicians should never tread.