Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Evil with us

I do not understand nor can I comprehend the turmoil within the immediate family of young murder victim Beckie Watts.  What it does for me is to reinforce my view that the majority of heinous crime does and will persist to happen very close to the family unit.  There is something within the human Psyche that makes some act in an horrendous fashion towards those they purport to love, to ingratiate themselves with with those they despise.  I am not a psychologist but have witnessed enough to know that the last people to ask to explain would be an expert.

Becky Watts killer Shauna Hoare, a twin sole to Rosemary West, has been found guilty of manslaughter within a few short hours of the Jury going out to deliberate.  I understand the definition for murder, cringe at the legal professions arrogance over the US system which has numerous categories of murder but are satisfied that any human could participate in the callous aftermath of such an evil deed and not have to face the full sanction of righteous indignation.  When the victim's father says the only true justice for his daughter would be the death of the perpetrators, his step-son and his mistress, who am I to contradict?

Although there are many academics who cannot see the connection, we, the UK, have been subjected to a continuous assault on everything we stand for.  They cannot see how difficult for us to protect our own children, in a system that has evolved for the better over two thousand years, their romance with the incursion of an alien culture, that wants to destroy us, has resulted with a head in the sand attitude towards mass immigration. The trained academic brains think that the savagery and butchery of the disturbed mind exists only within the cultured pages of Shakespeare and the classic Greek writings. The tragedy of Bekkie Watts and Lee Rigby are just for the pages of a novel and the screens of a TV drama?  For everyone else it is the reality of day to day life.